Thursday, September 03, 2009

Superhero Storytime

Toddler Read Alouds
Have You Seen Duck?  by Janet Holmes - duck has cape; is hero
He Saves the Day by Marsha Hayles
Superhero Me! by Karen Katz**
Super Sam!  by Lori Ries

Preschool Read Alouds
Another Perfect Day by Ross MacDonald
Bedtime for Batman by Michael Dahl (2016)
Bertie Was a Watchdog by Rick Walton
Captain Pajamas: Defender of the Universe by Bruce Whatley
Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman
Good Morning, Superman by Michael Dahl (2017)
Just Another Morning by Linda Ashman
Kiki's Blankie by Janie Bynum - it transforms into a cape
Kapow! by George O'Connor
Max by Bob Graham
Super Hairo and the Barber of Doom by John Rocco  - works for for either PST or KST

School Age Read Alouds
Atomic Ace: (He's Just My Dad) by Jeff Weigel
Chick n Pug by Jennifer Sattler
Batman by Ralph Cosentino
Baron von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident by George McClements
Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey
How I Became Champion of the Universe by Kenneth Harrison
Loretta: Ace Pinky Scout by Keith Graves
SuperHero ABC by Bob McLeod**
Super Guinea Pig to the Rescue by Udo Weigelt
Superhero Max by Lawrence David
Super Manny Stands Up by Kelly Dipucchio (2017)
Supersister by Beth Cadena

Superhero Activities
*Created by Nancy Gillespie

1. Dress the Part: Trying on a Superman or Batman cape.

2. Create a Character: Drawing a picture of themselves as a superhero, including whether or not they can fly, the color and style of their costume, their special powers, and any symbol associated with their character.

3. Robin Tight Rope Walk: Children walk across a rope on the floor; can be straight across or curved.

4. More Powerful Than A Locomotive! Children see how many stuffed animals they can "rescue" (i.e. carry).

5. X-Ray Vision: Items in a cloth bag; children take turns guessing what they are.

Nancy also came up with some great Superhero mad libs, a matching game (superhero/secret identity; superhero/sidekick) and Superhero Twister!!

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