Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flannels, Songs and Story Extensions

Books That Translate Well Into Flannel Stories
Cow Buzzed by Andrea Zimmerman
How Big is A Pig? by Clare Beaton
Is There Room on the Feather Bed? by Libba Moore Gray
Singing Chick by Victoria Stenmark
What Does Cow Say?  by Joan Holub

Books to Extend With Props
Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens

Traditional Songs
Farmer in the Dell
Old MacDonald

I Went to the Farm
(repeat first phrase and use whatever farmyard animal puppets you have)
I went to the farm, and what did I see?
A big chubby pig oinking at me!
A big brown horse neighing at me!
A fluffy chicken clucking at me!
A sleepy sheep baaing at me!

Little Pigs Say Oink-Oink-Oink
(Tune: Mary Had A Little Lamb)
Little pigs say oink-oink-oink,
Oink-oink-oink, oink-oink-oink,
Little pigs say oink-oink-oink
All around the farm.
(repeat with other animals)

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