Monday, March 12, 2007

Garden Storytime

Toddler Read Alouds

Big Yellow Sunflower by Frances Barry  
Can I Help? by Marilyn Janovitz
Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss
Every Color Soup by Jorey Hurley (2018)

Flower Garden by Eve Bunting
Fran's Flower by Lisa Bruce
How Does A Seed Grow?  by Sue Kim 
Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth
Lenny in the Garden by Ken Wilson-Max -- great interactive text
My Day in the Garden by Meila Ford
Sunflower by Meila Ford
Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown
What Color is Your Apple?  by Jerry Pallotta 
Who's in the Garden?  by Phillis Gershator 

Preschool Read Alouds
Ava's Poppy by Marcus Pfister
Big Yellow Sunflower by Frances Barry - too bad the title gives the surprise away
Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?  by Tom Slaughter
Handful of Sunshine by Melanie Eclare
In the Garden, Who's Been Here? by Lindsay Barret George
Jack and the Beanstalk by Nina Crews
Just Teenie by Susan Meddaugh
My Garden by Kevin Henkes 
One Two Three Jump! by Penelope LivelyOver In the Garden by Jennifer WardRound the Garden by Omri Glaser
Plant A Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson (2017)

Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin, Jr.

School Age Read Alouds
And the Good Brown Earth by Kathy Henderson
Curious Garden by Peter Brown
Farm Fresh Cats by  Scott Santoro
Garden of Opposites by Nancy Davis
Gardener  by Sarah Stewart
Grandpa Green by Lane Smith
Holly Bloom's Garden by Sarah Ashman
Huck Runs Amuck by Sean Taylor 
Our Tree Named Steve by Alex Zweibel

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Flannels, Songs and Story Extensions

Books That Translate Well Into Flannel Stories
Ah-Choo - A Flower for You

Jack's Garden by Henry Cole
Ladybug Counting
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (Traditional)
Max Loves Sunflowers by Ken Wilson-Max

Story That Could Be Shared With Puppets
Lenny in the Garden by Ken Wilson-Max
"Mr. Ant, Mr. Ant, where are you?"
"Here I am!  Here I am! How do you do?"  (with various garden insects/animals)

Books That Are Enhanced by Props
Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss
Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth

Bee Puppet
What do you suppose?  A bee sat on my nose!
And then what do you think?  He gave a great big wink.
And said, "I beg your pardon, I thought you were a garden!"

Farmer Plants the Seeds
The farmer plants the seeds
The farmer plants the seeds
Hi-ho-the-derry-o, the farmer plants the seeds.
The sun comes out to shine...
The rain begins to fall......
The seeds begin to grow...
The farmer pulls them up...
And now we'll pull them up...

Five Little Flowers
Five little flowers                      Hold up five fingers
Standing in the sun
See their heads nodding           Make fingers nod
One by one.                            Make fingers bow
Out comes the sun
Down falls the rain,                 Flutter fingers downward
And the five little flowers
Lift their heads again!             Hold up five fingers

Five Pretty Flowers
Out in the garden,
Growing in the sun,
Were five pretty flowers,
And I picked ONE!
(Countdown until none are left)

Flower, Flower, What Do You See?
Flower, flower, what do you see?
I see a bumblebee looking at me!

Bee, bee, what do you see?
I see a ladybug looking at me!

Ladybug, ladybug, what do you see?
I see a rabbit hopping by me!

Rabbit, rabbit, what do you see?
I see a cloud raining on me!

Cloud, cloud, what do you see?
I see the sun looking at me!

Something In My Garden             (With Puppets)
There’s something in my garden  - what can it be?
There’s something in my garden that I can’t really see.
Hear its funny sound....

Ribbit, ribbit - a FROG is what  I found!
Squeak, squeak - a MOUSE is what I found!
Caw, caw - a CROW is what I found

This is the Way We Plant the Seeds
(Tune of "Mulberry Branch)
This is the way we plant the seeds
Plant the seeds, plant the seeds
This is the way we plant the seeds so early in the morning.
(Water the seeds, pull up weeds, etc.)

Your Birthday Cake
(Rosemary Wells - Here's A Little Poem: A First Book of Poetry)
Your birthday cake is made of mud
Because I could not cook
I cannot read a recipe or follow in a book
I'm not allowed to use the stove
To simmer roast or bake.
I have no money of my own to buy a birthday cake.
I'm sure to get in trouble if I mess around with dough.
But I've made your birthday cake of mud
Because I love you so.

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Sheep Storytime

Toddler Read Alouds
Funny Ruby by Catherine Friend
If I Had A Sheep by Mick Inkpen
No More Blanket for Lambkin by Bernette Ford
Sam Sheep Can't Sleep by Phil Cox
Sheep Follow by Monica Wellington
Wee Little Lamb by Lauren Thompson
What You Got, Sheep? by Angela Chambers
Where Is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox

Preschool Read Alouds
Little Bo Peep by Paul Galdone
Little Sheep, Time to Sleep by Jacquelyn Reinach
Sheep Asleep by Gloria Rothstein
Sheep Don't Count Sheep by Margaret Wise Brown
Six Snowy Sleep by Judith Ross Enderle
Strange Case of the Missing Sheep by Mircea Catusanu
The Surprise by Sylvia van Ommen
Who Tickled Tilly? by Mandy Stanley

Kindergarten Read Alouds
Feeding the Sheep by Leda Schubert

Grass is Always Greener by Jez Alborough
Mary Had A Lamb by Iza Trapani
Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton
Sheep Fairy by Ruth Symes
Sheep in A Jeep by Nancy Shaw
Six Sleepy Sheep by Jeffie Ross Gordon
Ten Little Lambs by Alice McGinty
Woolbur byLeslie Helakooski

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Flannels, Songs and Story Extensions

Books That Translate Well Into Flannels
Baa Baa Black Sheep by Iza Trapani
Zoe's Sheep by Rose Bursik

Nursery Rhymes
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Little Bo Peep
Little Boy Blue
Mary Had A Little Lamb

Newborn Lamb
(Tune of "I'm A Little Teapot")
I'm a baby lamb just born today
I want to run around and play
I am very hungry - I must eat
So I'll grow up big like my daddy sheep.
(repeat, substituting "mommy sheep")

Sheep Family
(Tune of "Farmer in the Dell")
The mommy is an "ewe"
The daddy is a "ram"
We know that they are sheep
And so is baby "lamb"

Ten Sheep
(flannel script)
Sheep number one liked to dance
Number two was fond of plants
Number three made quite a racket
Number four wore a jacket
Number five was a silly fellow
Number six wore a hat of yellow
Number seven liked to read good books
Number eight gave scary looks
Number nine began to sweep
Number ten fell asleep!

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