Thursday, February 15, 2007

Flannels, Songs and Activities

Book That Works As A Prop Story
Mouse Climbed Up the Lamp
Orange Peel's Pocket by Rose Lewis

Chinese Lantern
(To the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)
I’m a Chinese lantern shining bright
Use me to light your way at night
If it’s really dark, just light one more
That’s what Chinese lanterns are for.

Greetings around the World
Hello, hello everybody
Hello, hello everybody
Hello, hello everybody
So very glad to see you
Japanese version: Konichiwa
Chinese version: Ni Hao Ma

Books That Translate Well Into Flannels
Runaway Rice Cake by Yin Chang Compestine
Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young

Suggested Activities:
1.) Chase the Dragon’s Tail:
Create a decorative head and tail. One child holds the head, another the tail. Children in between the two hold each other's waists. The “head” chases the “tail.”

2.) Chinese Paper Lanterns: Fold paper in half, cut slits and then open. (Instructions are available online)

2.) Red Envelopes: (instructions are on page 22 of Asian Holidays book by Faith Winchester)

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