Friday, October 27, 2006

Scare Your Socks Off Activities

Fun Activities:
1.) Bob For Donuts: tie with dental floss, different flavors
2.) Pin the Wart on the Witch: poster with witch, use sticky tack as wart, blindfold the kid
3.) Halloween Twister: 2 white sheets from a thrift store, paint a row of bats, a row of ghosts, a row of pumpkins and a row of witch's hats. Make a spinner ("right hand pumpkin," etc.)
4.) Face painting: Ghosts and black cats
5. ) Musical Chairs to "Monster Mash" song

Witch's Pot Game:"Boiling hot, boiling hot,
What will you put in the witch's pot?"
"Boiling hot, boiling hot,
I'll put spider legs in the witch's pot."etc

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