Monday, June 29, 2015

Storytime Topics Available on Storytime Source Page

A is for: 
B is for:
C is for:
D is for:
F is for:
K is for:
P is for:
Z is for:
  • Zoo

    *Is That Wise, Pig?  by Jan Thomas (2016)
    *Pigs and a Blanket by James Burks (2016)
    *Some Birds by Matt Spink (2016)
  • How Do Dinosaurs Choose Their Pets by Jane Yolen (2017)
  • Three Little Pigs by Ed Bryan
  • The One Day House by Julia Durango (2017)
  • The Perfect Siesta by Pato Mena = jungle read-aloud or puppet story
  • Hello, Baby Animals by Lorinda Bryan Cauley (2018)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Flannels, Songs and Story Extensions

Daddy wore his purple tie,
purple tie, purple tie.
Daddy wore his purple tie
All day long.

(Change color of tie and repeat)

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Flannels About Books and Storytime

Flannel Stories
I Took My Dragon to the Library

Bear Reads His Blue Book
(tune of Mary Wore Her Red Dress)
Bear reads his blue book              (with a capital B and lower-case b on the cover)
Blue book, blue book
Bear reads his blue book
All day long
(repeat with other colors/letters)

Find the Library Dinosaur
(Use Shea's dinosaur and hide him behind a book)
Dinosaur, Dinosaur
Do I hear your tiny roar?
Are you hiding under the (blue) book?
(repeat until dinosaur is found)

There Was An Owl Who Loved to Read
(tune of BINGO)
There was an Owl who loved to read,
 And books were what he checked out
B-O-O-K-S, B-O-O-K-S, B-O-O-K-S,
 And books were what he checked out
 (put one book in the owl’s nest because he has “checked it out” and taken it home) 

 There was an Owl who loved to read, 
And books were what he checked out
(flap)-O-O-K-S, (flap)-O-O-K-S, (flap-)-O-O-K-S,
 And books were what he checked out
(continue removing the books, one by one and replacing each with a loud “Flap” until none are left) 

Now, Owl has checked out all the books, and none are left. I wonder what he’s reading about… (Discuss the cover of each book. Ask what children like to read about with their parents)

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